Architectural and Design Services

Our in-house design team are able to provide futuristic, contemporary and vintage design solutions to you in line with customized and personalized design needs. We let our work do the talking and allow you to look at all options before selecting a design. Don’t like our designs or don’t want to modify a design from an external architect, don’t worry, we are able to build their one too. We can even get it touch with them for you, saving you the hassle of going back and forth.

Project Management and Property Development

As part of the construction and homeware supply services, or an independent service on its own; we delve into all aspects of project management and property development. Our project managers and site managers keep records on a daily basis and follow strict document control regardless of the scale of the project. This ensures you the owner, is continually informed throughout the duration of the project. This however is a project management service, and you the client want a property development service. Don’t worry, as a buyer’s agent, we are able to to search properties, evaluate them, negotiate in a private sale or bid at a property auction for you the client. Rest assured, with more locations, more listings and more experience than our competitors, you’re always in good hands with OZ Design Build.

Construction and Homeware Supply Services

When the design is ready and the construction documents are finalised, we can commence the construction phase. Regardless if the design is in-house or external, OZ Design Build guides you from consolidating the best materials in the market to seeing your drawings come to life. Our homeware department can even sit with you in person and discuss a myriad of fixings, fittings, slabs and cabinetry from renowned brands in the market. Why not visit our showroom?

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